Mobile First!

Mobile isn't the new thing, it's 2017, 2.3 billion smartphones and more than 660 million tablets will be in the global marketplace.

- Ted Schadler
VP and Principal Analyst - Forrester Research

UpFront 2016!

Wednesday, July 27th in Kansas City

MobileUp is extremely proud of the turnout for our second annual UpFront conference.  Mike Lundgren, a marketing and mobile industry insider, gave a great talk on the impacts of marketing in today's mobile landscape.  We had a great number of attendees stay for training sessions as well.  Thank you to all who were able to make it.  If you were unable attend the conference, but would like to see the keynote presentation, please click the link below.  

Keynote Speaker

Powering Mobile Engagement

Powering Mobile Engagement for K-12, Higher Education & Nonprofits

Higher Education

  • Student Orientation Programming
  • First Year Success
  • School Activities & Traditions
  • Student Alumni Association
  • Club Involvement and Participation
  • Alumni Membership & Engagement
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  • Parent Communication & Engagement
  • Staff & Faculty Solutions
  • Alumni Management and Engagement
  • Student Club & Activity Management
  • Prospective Student Engagement
  • Fundraising & Giving
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Non Profits

  • Constituent Communication & Participation
  • Membership Management
  • Event & Activity Management
  • Fundraising & Giving
  • Social Awareness Initiatives
  • Chapter Participation & Management
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Growing Success

Great Results!

Initially our focus was to create timely communications with our parents. As we saw great results and feedback from that effort, we realized a similar effort for other groups could really benefit us. We are now adding our alumni groups to the app and excited about this engagement initiative. We expect this to directly impact our connection to our alumni and alumni to alumni.  Though we started with what we now realize was a small goal, we've continued to expand our vision, and the app's functionality has seamlessly grown along with us.

- Larry Freeman
Vice President of Advancement at Rockhurst High School


It’s a great tool for reaching and engaging our members. This mobile app has been a wonderful service for our members. Essenza has been a great partner – they always come through

- Patti
University of Virginia Alumni Association

Your Success is Our Success

Essenza has become one of our closest partners. They truly view our success as their success and have worked very hard to accommodate our unique needs and requests into the two apps they’ve built for us.

- Chase Carter
Director of Communications at OSU Alumni Association

Crucial Engagement

In this age, mobile engagement is more important than ever. Essenza gave us the opportunity to engage with alums via our app in a crucial way. They have been attentive and supportive throughout the whole process to ensure we understand the process and are engaging as many alums as possible. Their app helps us to keep alums connected via our Alumni Association event calendar and other unique functions only the UWAA app can provide alums with. The staff is incredibly helpful with all of our questions and has made sure to answer us within a few hours!

- Chase
University of Wyoming Alumni Association