MobileUp for Associations

We know your members and advocates are busy and yet the value of being a member is an important part of their life.  Today, keeping supporters engaged and aware of your message is critical to your mission.  This is where MobileUp comes in by providing an engaging and informative mobile experience for your association staff, members and advocates all in one customized native app.

One App. Unlimited Experiences.


Keep track of your members while communicating valuable information and resources.

  • Integrate with existing web based membership systems.
  • Cut costs with a personalized digital membership card.
  • Auto notifications informing members of expiration and renewal options thus eliminating expensive mailings and staff resources, etc.
  • Members can join or renew their membership in the app and update your backend membership database.
  • Multiple directory options and ability to update data from within the app giving the association valuable up to date data.
  • Geo location functionality works locally and nationally to notify members of benefits or perks available to them.


Give members the best conference experience.

  • Don't have a separate app for your conferences, it should be a part of your overall association app.
  • No need to print a schedule of events, speaker presentations, etc. members can view them and print them right from the app making it easier for attendees and conference planners.  Last minute changes are not an issue!
  • Members can customize their experience by adding events directly to their itinerary and calendar.
  • Set up a geo fence to send an auto notification welcoming attendees to your event.
  • Send push and auto notifications to keep attendees up-to-date on events.
  • Provide conference venue layouts to help attendees navigate to different sessions.
  • Create custom forms to survey attendees after sessions and events in real-time.

Club and Membership Management
KC Blues Rugby Club

The KC Blues Rugby Club went from managing their club membership, finances, communication, and social news in several places to bringing everything into a singular native mobile app.