The typical implementation is 60-90 days. Customers have completed the implementation process in as little as 30 days. Approximately 20 hours is invested by the customer during implementation. The customer implementation team is typically made up of the following people:

  • Project Manager - 15 hours - Coordinating resources and interacting with MobileUp Software.
  • Design - 2 hours – Identifying existing branding, formatting to fit mobile.
  • IT - 3 hours - Exporting a small set of data that already exist in your backend system. Provides a CSV file that MobileUp configures to work with our data import.

Each customer is different. Our apps are designed to automate and make daily tasks easier. Once the app is live, it is designed to grow organically with little maintenance. Our most active customers spend 2-3 hours in the app a week.

We can display your existing ecommerce enabled forms in our apps. This takes advantage of your existing ecommerce merchant provider. MobileUp also has a partnership with Braintree. This allows us to serve as your ecommerce provider, or act as a gateway and post funds directly to your existing ecommerce merchant account.

The amount and type of data is up to you. Most customers upload a small subset of student/alumni data.

MobileUp provides a complete set of admin tools that allow you to update the app with new data at any time. The easy to use Data Collections tool allows you to import a CSV file.

Yes. Form data collected in the app, such as profile updates and survey results can be exported at any time in a CSV file format. Activity data, such as completing a tradition or registering for an event can also be exported. MobileUp also provides app performance tools that allow you to track user clicks within the app.

MobileUp offers a set of APIs that allow for the automation of data importing and exporting (Appendix C – API Data Examples). We currently have successful API integrations with Banner, Advance and Raiser’s Edge.