Our Partners

Our partners deliver an extension of the MobileUp platform and broad distribution with our solutions. If you have interest in becoming a marketing or development partner of MobileUp please send us an email.


Adding Value & Building Loyalty Since 1984

For over 30 years, the Access Development mission has been to create America’s best private-label network of merchant discounts and rewards. Now, with over 300,000 participating merchants offering discounts of up to 50% in virtually every U.S. market, organizations everywhere have come to agree.

The largest of its kind in America, the Access® merchant network is about more than just saving people money. Organizations leverage the Access merchant network in different ways to achieve their goals, including:

  • Member benefit enhancements
  • Standalone loyalty programs
  • Revenue-generating membership clubs
  • Merchant-funded rewards for debit & credit cards
  • Acquisition & retention incentives
  • Fundraisers for charitable organizations
  • Redemption alternatives for miles & points programs (i.e., "points-burn" solutions)

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Balfour believes in tradition! Serving academic communities for more than a century, Balfour specializes in programs for higher ed institutions that inspire stronger engagement and lasting relationships with students and alumni. Balfour seeks to enhance its role in college ring traditions, affinity publishing and other grad-servicing capabilities by combining the best in tradition-building strategies with innovative mobile technology. Through strategic collaboration with MobileUP, Balfour offers its Partner institutions the potential for enriching outcomes that support student engagement, retention and overall school tradition that persist well beyond graduation.

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Empowering entrepreneurs to launch innovative software products.  Uhray is a certified 3rd Party Developer for the MobileUp platform.  Uhray specializes in extending and customizing the MobileUp offerings to meet the unique needs of MobileUp clients.