SDSU Aztec Proud wins Gold CASE Award

SDSU Aztec Proud Student Donor App wins Gold CASE Circle of Excellence Award

SDSU Aztec Proud Student Donor App wins Gold CASE Circle of Excellence Award

Congratulations to our friends at San Diego State University on receiving the Gold CASE Circle of Excellence Award for Best Use of Social Media/Technology for their SDSU Aztec Proud Student Donor App!

The SDSU Aztec Proud Student Donor App was selected out of more than 600 total entries for its ability to build student philanthropy programs through a customized mobile experience.

The San Diego State University Aztec Proud app empowers student donors to participate in building and leaving their SDSU legacy. Student donors are invited to exclusive events and activities, receive special offers and experience the culture of philanthropy at SDSU. Donors will also receive a mobile donor card and can download the user-friendly calendar to remind them of their benefits of being a donor.

"MobileUp Software allowed us to deliver a customized mobile experience to students who were looking to share their philanthropic spirit. I can't thank them enough for their collaboration in developing a powerful mobile engagement tool that has proven to be a vital piece of our student philanthropy program." - Tammy Blackburn, Director of Development Technology, San Diego State University

SDSU Alumni staff will head to the Awards of Excellence ceremony on March 10 at the District VII conference in San Diego to be recognized by their peers. As a gold award winner, they will also be under consideration for a Grand Gold award to be announced during the Awards of Excellence luncheon.

Check out the SDSU Aztec Proud app now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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