The User Experience

MobileUp knows that users expect a personalized experience
that’s specifically relevant to their needs.


We recognize the importance of combining the physical and digital space.

  • By identifying the user’s geolocation, our apps can provide notifications and content that understands what they’re doing right now.
  • Use customized surveys to get immediate feedback on a program while the user is experiencing it.


In our on-demand society, your audience expects the information they want instantaneously.

  • Users can immediately access the information they need all in one space that’s designed with them in mind.
  • Instead of keeping users on the periphery, they can get instantly involved at with your organization at any point.


Giving users the information they want is key to keeping users engaged in a sustained, impactful way.

  • Through our persona segmenting capabilities, users get a customized experience meant just for them.
  • Users can set reminders and auto notifications for events and programs that are important to them.


Using the native functionality of smartphones, our apps turn one-way information sharing into a two-way conversation.

  • Using the camera function, users can complete activities.
  • Social sharing right from the app allows users to communicate what they’re doing and even gamify experiences with friendly competitions.