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Data drives decisions. Reach your mobile audience and get the information you need to develop effective strategies.

The Mobile Difference

The MobileUp Difference

Your custom app from MobileUp is designed for Android and iPhone and our approach takes advantage of key native features such as notifications, location services, and cameras.

Metrics For Action

Metrics for Action

An engaging experience means you can collect valuable and shareable metrics with your team and administrators. Know who is participating in your activities and instantly take action with location services.

Success Made Easy

Mobile Made Easy

Our implementation process assures your solution gets online fast and our simple to use tools means it is easy to keep engagement exciting and meaningful for your audience.

Featured Solutions

The team at MobileUp has delivered hundreds of mobile apps for educational institutions, associations, and other organizations.

Great Results in 4 Hours or Less

Every institution is different, but several of our more successful clients tell us they only spend four hours week in our administrative tools to keep their audience engaged. Only one afternoon a week!

Deliver 5x more engagement than email

Email marketing is a tried and tested way to engage an audience. Here at MobileUp we use email marketing to connect with prospects and clients. It is an important tool for us, but maybe its effectiveness is starting to show its age.

Increase engagement 3x with our solutions

A client of ours recently shared an amazing statistic: their solution from MobileUp was driving 75% of their website traffic. This means their mobile app is creating 3x more engagement with their publicly available website compared to existing practices like email campaigns and SEO.

MobileUp Software Is
Powering Mobile Engagement

A chart showing how MobileUp solutions generated 3 times the web sessions that other marketing did

Reaching your audience on their mobile devices can have a dramatic effect on your engagement and website traffic. More

Source: Oklahoma State University

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