Our partners deliver an extension of the MobileUp platform and broad distribution with our solutions. If you have interest in becoming a marketing or development partner of MobileUp please email us.


The partnership between MobileUp Software and Ulyngo empowers students to buy and sell their used items through a secure online marketplace that is integrated with a university's branded app. Press Release

Access Development

Alumni organizations utilizing MobileUp's industry leading engagement apps can now add thousands of local discounts at restaurants, retailers and more, thanks to a partnership with Alumni Access, a national alumni discount program from Access Development. Press Release


Balfour seeks to enhance its role in college ring traditions, affinity publishing and other grad-servicing capabilities by combining the best in tradition-building strategies with innovative mobile technology. Through strategic collaboration with MobileUp, Balfour offers its Partner institutions the potential for enriching outcomes that support student engagement, retention and overall school tradition that persist well beyond graduation. Press Release


MemberClicks has been reinventing the membership software experience for small-staff organizations since 1998 and now serves more than 1,700 organizations throughout North America. MobileUp's partnership with MemberClicks gives its customers a pathway to native mobile apps to manage their memberships and conferences.


Uhray empowers entrepreneurs to launch innovative software products. Uhray is a certified 3rd Party Developer for the MobileUp platform and specializes in extending and customizing MobileUp offerings to meet the unique needs of MobileUp clients.

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