Colorado State mobilizes a punch card

Colorado State mobilizes a punch card

Oct 10, 2017

By MobileUp Software

What's in your wallet?

If you're like most, there probably is a driver's license, a credit card or two, maybe some money, and a stack of faded wrinkled punch cards for discounts at various restaurants and retailers.

While it can't put any extra cash in its members wallets, the Colorado State Alumni Association at least wanted to help reduce the discount cards that are typically hard to manage for both customers and businesses.

Through its strong partnership with the campus bookstore, the association worked with MobileUp to convert a paper-based discount punch card into an interactive feature in their app.

In the past, the cards were mailed or emailed to alumni, who would print them at home. Each card included a 25% discount and three 15% discounts indicated by CSU ram head logos. The alumni member needed to present the card at time of purchase in the bookstore and the cashier would simply mark through one of the ram heads until the card was used.

Now with MobileUp, the discount card is accessible through a tap on a tile on the CSU alumni app home screen. Customers show the app to the cashier at time of purchase. A tap on a ram's head removes the logo from the screen one at a time until the mobile card is empty of discounts.

This new approach saves alumni from having to keep track of a paper card and it also helps the bookstore more efficiently manage the number of discounts given to each member. What's more, the mobile discount cards can then be re-filled through the app's administration tools annually or at any time the bookstore wants.

Colorado State University's mobile punch card

"We are very excited to be able to offer the discount cards to our members through our app," said Haley Katz, Associate Director of Membership & Giving at the Colorado State Alumni Association. "This method is far more convenient for our members primarily. It also will save our association and the bookstore time in the future when the discounts renew."

This is just one example of the ways we can work with you to make your app more valuable to your members. If you have an idea or would like suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us to help you expand your mobile strategy.

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