Engage 365 – Mobile App​ for Member Engagement

Engage 365

Build thriving communities with a mobile app built for year-round engagement.

It's Time to Up Your Engagement Strategy

Improve Engagement, Retention, & Participation​

Organizations have seen as much as a 5x increase in member engagement when using a native mobile app compared to relying on email & websites alone.​

Take Advantage of the Devices People Rely on the Most

Everyone carries a smartphone these days. Savvy organizations recognize that mobile apps are effective tools for informing and engaging members in near real-time. Our Engage 365 apps empower you to engage and inform your members using the devices they rely on the most.

Gather Better Data for Better Decisions​

Discussions, surveys, polls, and analytics provide important insight into member participation while also providing the data you need to plan for the future.

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The Value of Mobile Technology in Association ManagementFree White Paper for Associations