Key Features for MobileUp Apps

App Platform Features

We provide a robust set of functionality that will provide your organization with the best mobile engagement experience for your targeted audience.  Check back often as additional functionality is always being added to the MobileUp platform.

Custom Branding

Make your app your own. Our tools give you the power to change the look and feel of your organization's app whenever the mood strikes.

App Publishing

The MobileUp platform provides an infrastructure that enables quick app publishing to both iOS and Android stores without having to have a IT support team behind you.


Features can be turned on or off in any app and pushed immediately to create a custom experience for your app audience creating a relevant app experience.

SaaS Value

New features are accessible when released to all clients and automatically accessible to add to any app.

Key Features


Include searchable listings of students, association members, parents, sponsors, exhibitors, or other individuals of interest to your mobile community. Customize the information including thumbnail images that are shown in each listing.


Create and monitor threaded messages on one or a variety of topics of interest to your mobile audience. Discussions are ideal for getting user


Rise above the noise of standard communications and get your users' attention with push notifications. Keep messages relevant using member information and even trigger content based upon someone's location. See 5-8x more traction on notifications compared to email.


Display your upcoming key dates and events in a native app format. Create your own calendar or import existing Goolge Calendars. Users tap and save specific dates to their personal calendars or conference itineraries.

Digital Member Cards

Stop managing paper-based member cards for your members or students. Store and update them in your app instead! Include names, profile pictures, barcodes, and other information typically found on the paper versions.

Role-Based Information

Assign different roles to specific users (e.g. members, leadership team, students, administrators, chess club, etc.) in your audience to deliver the most relevant and personalized data to each person who signs into your app.


Add competition among members of your mobile audience and drive repeat engagement in your app through lists of traditions or activities that must be completed.

Mobile Payments

Securely collect payments for membership renewals, club fees, and other items directly in your app through native forms. You can also leverage existing payment forms on your website.

Location Services

Our location-aware apps location services to increase engagement, automate manual operations, and keep administrators organized with help from geofences and beacons. Trigger actions based on a user's location to increase engagement and automate tasks such as tracking event participation levels.


Create opportunities to promote your sponsors throughout your app. Your sponsors will be rewarded for the visibility and engagement with your targeted audience.

Live Polling

Allow event presenters to collect live session feedback through your app. Live results allow both for attendees to view results and also allows presenters to better engage the session attendees.

Resource Library

Curating and sharing important documents and other information is critical to retaining interest from both your members and supporters alike.

Custom Home Screens

Design, manage, and update your app's home screen including using your specified colors and uploaded images. Publish your changes to users in minutes without having to re-submit to the app stores. Read our blog for more information.

Forms & Surveys

Collect feedback on any topic of interest to your group with native forms. Build your own surveys and polls and get instant reaction to events that affect your school, association, or employees. Include a geo-based field so users can indicate exactly where they are when completing your form.

User & Data Security

Our platform uses oAuth and email authentication to ensure users access only the information they should. Single sign-on support (Shibboleth implementation of SAML) provides a seamless experience for users moving between our apps and other applications. We also support 2-factor authentication.

Content Aggregation

Import content from your websites, social media, and other feeds so your users can access all your information in one place.

Content Builder

Create your own “pages” of content using simple HTML tags and connect them to navigation menu items in your app.

Data Integration

Leverage existing data. Our open API connects your native app directly to most databases, AMS, SIS, and CRM using JSON and other standard protocols. Alternatively, upload CSV files to our platform and use our data collections tools to securely store your users' membership data.

Group Management

Provide small groups, committees and chapters the ability to manage their small organizations within the app.

News Feed

Aggregate all activity of your organization into a news feed providing your audience all the latest activity in a single place.


Gain insight into your organization. From measuring event participation to the open rates of notifications, we provide you with the information you need to build stronger community.

Our Group Management Add-On

Groups Management

Users manage the groups they have joined through a convenient listing that empowers them to drill into a specific group's latest feed or leave the group (removing their information from their overall feed) if desired.

Groups Discovery

Users are presented with a list of available groups (clubs, chapters, committees, etc.) in your organization. They can read each group's detail information and “join” with a tap. Once accepted by the group administrator (or you can make joins automatic with no approval), the group's information appears in the user's feed as it is created.

News Feed-Based App Experience

The app creates a feed featuring the most recent news from the groups each of your users has joined at the top.

Multiple Administrators

Account administrators easily create groups in the console. Offload group management by making a member an administrator of their own group.

Polls, photos, etc.

Groups can distribute announcements, photos, live polls, discussions, and calendars to its members. App administrators use browser-based tools or their app to create the posts.

Event Management

Administrators create event announcements including dates, times, descriptions, and other information by completing a form in the app. Events have optional check-in and RSVP features. You can also connect a button to any payment services (PayPal, Venmo, etc.).


Important posts can be pinned to the top of feeds by an app or group administrator, preventing the information from scrolling down with the rest of the feed.

Reporting & Analytics

App administrators have access to reports on user participation in the groups they created for their organization.

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