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Engage Parents, Faculty and Students with a School Mobile App

Put daily school routines such as calendars and announcements right on parents' phones with a school mobile app. Provide parents all the school information they need in a place they can retrieve it anytime, anywhere.

How Can You Use a Mobile App on Your School?

SIS Integration

Allow parents to access information about their children's classes and grades conviently within the mobile app.

Campus News Feed & Events

Aggregate all school news and key updates within the app to keep everyone informed at all times.


No more lost IDs, thanks to an in-app digital ID card. Plus, allow parents and PTOs to search and find students with a directory.

Groups & Classrooms

Sort classrooms into groups within the app, where teachers can post content and updates for parents and students alike.


Allow parents and teachers to quickly communicate with one another directly within the campus app.


Provide parents, faculty and students with an easily accessible list of important dates and upcoming events at the school.


Send out timely communications and information to all or a subgroup of parents.


Build your own surveys and polls and get instant reactions from your parents on key issues.

Resource Library

Curate and share important documents thatparents or students need in an easily accessible library.

Activity Check In

Use the app to check people in at campus events. No need for a third-party scanner, plus, get complete student reporting on the backend.

We Make Life Easy for School Administrators

At MobileUp, we ensure that managing your school mobile app will always be easy, thanks to our simple, intuitive adminstrative dashboard. Adding or removing content, and sending notifications to parents are a breeze.

MobileUp Mobile App Administrative dashboard

Why Work With MobileUp?

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Increase Parent Participation

Use your school mobile app to drive greater parent engagement in activities, committees, and PTOs. MobileUp school mobile apps help parents build relationships with the school and one another, and provide them with the resources they need to help their children succeed. Engaging parents becomes much easier when they have access to the school in the palm of their hand.

Help Students Succeed at School

In addition to parent use, mobile apps can serve students in grades 9-12 in unique ways. Class schedules and school announcements can be placed directly on students' phones. It can also replace their student ID and be used to check in at school events. Beyond the essentials, the app can be used to connect students to community peer groups, clubs or teams.

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