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In addition to our mobile strategy solutions for associations and schools, we also work with software development teams on custom integrations.

Our platform provides and open API and toolkit that empowers third parties to design, develop, and deploy unique and customized native apps to their audiences.

Third parties can be small development teams who can build additional functionality into existing MobileUp client apps or large software companies looking to deliver mobile solutions to their existing client base.

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If you are part of a small development team or large software company, we can help you build native apps for your audience.

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Platform Overview & Key Features

Apps developed on our platform engage users with content optimized for mobile devices, collecting relevant data while serving as an extension of your brand. Finally, one app framework serves all the needs of an expanding mobile user base!

Robust Platform

Development teams leverage the cloud-based architecture of the MobileUp platform and their existing data sources to quickly develop, distribute, and support customized apps. Costs are saved through shortened development cycles, SAAS architecture, cloud hosting and re-use of components from app to app.

Engaging Apps

With 100% native support, users experience the speed and value of native functionality with such engaging features as notifications, personas, geolocation, and access to a smart phone's camera, contacts, and files.

Connected Users

Content is always concise, relevant, and actionable. Mobile users are less likely to let MobileUp-based apps slip to the forgotten and seldom used back panes of icons in their smartphones or delete them altogether thanks to the steady push of timely and engaging content.

Secure: The MobileUp platform supports multiple authentication approaches, data is stored on your servers, and API calls are done over SSL/https.
Customizable: Anyone with HTML5 and JavaScript knowledge can build and manage their own unique set of app custom modules.
Reusability: Modules built for one app on the MobileUp platform can be re-used in other apps.
Reporting: Know what's going on in your mobile user base and apps at any time. Robust dashboard reporting on activity from one or multiple apps of critical data points. Dashboard also allows admin push updates, modules on or off and manage branding, personas, and other features.
Unobtrusive: The MobileUp platform connects to your existing data and business logic through a wide variety of APIs.

SAAS Benefits and Values

MobileUp's platform and solutions are delivered through a Software as a Service or SaaS model, providing more efficient development and maintenance practices while users receive the latest technology without investing in client-side software.

Simplified Licensing

On-going licensing costs of the technologies used to deliver MobileUp's platform and solutions (API calls, development technology stack, network traffic, push notifications, etc.) are built into our pricing.

Native Maintenance

MobileUp takes on the responsibility to makes sure your apps are always functioning and up to date. Unlike the web, where you only must serve HTML in browsers, MobileUp makes sure that the various form factors and version of mobile operating systems (iOS and Android) are always working.

MobileUp also maintains the bridge between all the custom modules in a solution and the native phone functionality available. When a new OS version brings new functionality (like thumb scanning, iBeacon support, etc), MobileUp takes on the responsibility of providing access to new functionality without solution interruption.

Quick Deployment

The MobileUp platform allows partners and clients without the knowledge or overhead to get into the native mobile space in a timely and affordable fashion. The MobileUp platform provides partners and clients a complete suite of management tools to customize the mobile experience. This includes sending notifications, managing admins, changing verbiage, building new modules, reporting, application provisioning and much more.

Deliver New Features Fast

MobileUp is responsible for complete platform upkeep, enhancing and ensuring latest technology developments are incorporated into the platform thus providing partners and clients the ability to deliver the best mobile solution. All enhancements, updates, etc. are pushed automatically to all clients and client apps without time delays or downloading.

Enhanced Reliability and Security: SaaS solutions are engineered specifically for high availability, scalability and security. Unless your organization has real expertise in hosting and managing applications, you will benefit from a SaaS organizations expertise in this area.
Streamlined Integration: SaaS solutions are developed with an eye to integration to external our existing systems. SaaS leverages common sets of Web service protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs). That makes integration easier than with traditional, on-premise applications.
Faster Innovation and Updates: One of the most powerful features of SaaS is that when updates or enhancements are made, all users benefit. More eyes and more requests lead to a faster pace of innovation.
Vendor and Customer Alignment: The subscription-based pricing of SaaS solutions provides the ongoing motivation and incentive for vendors to continually meet the needs of their clients.

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