Mobile Apps for
K-12 Schools

Put daily school routines such as calendars and announcements right on the students and parent phones. Beyond the essentials, connect students to community peer groups, clubs or teams. Provide parents all the school information they need in a place they can retrieve it anytime from anywhere.

Increase parents' participation in activities, committees, and PTOs

Your app provides parents a one-stop place to find the most current calendars, news, and announcements instead of visiting multiple websites and email accounts. Directories and special add-on app sections dedicated to PTOs, booster clubs, and committees also help parents connect.

Let Students Succeed by Providing them with Relevant Content

Put daily school routines such as calendars and announcements right on students' phones. Beyond the essentials, connect students to community peer groups, clubs or teams. Even introduce school traditions and connect students to alumni mentors in the app.

Create The Only K-12 Student Engagement App You'll Ever Need.

With custom branding, and rich features, you'll finally be able to do everything you need to engage your members in a single, easy-to-use mobile app.


Rise above the noise of standard communications and get your users' attention with push notifications. Keep messages relevant using member information and even trigger content based upon someone's location. See 5-8x more traction on notifications compared to email.

Location Services

Our location-aware apps location services to increase engagement, automate manual operations, and keep administrators organized with help from geofences and beacons. Trigger actions based on a user's location to increase engagement and automate tasks such as tracking event participation levels.

Mobile Payments

Securely collect payments for membership renewals, club fees, and other items directly in your app through native forms. You can also leverage existing payment forms on your website.

Analytics & Reporting

Our tools automatically collect data and bring real productivity and insights to your organization. Summarize participation information at your events, monitor app downloads and usage, and measure effectiveness of push notifications and other app-based marketing activities.


Create and monitor threaded messages on one or a variety of topics of interest to your mobile audience. Discussions are ideal for getting users to talk to your organization and each other.


Display your upcoming key dates and events in a native app format. Create your own calendar or import existing Google Calendars. Users tap and save specific dates to their personal calendars or conference itineraries.


Include searchable listings of students, association members, parents, sponsors, exhibitors, or other individuals of interest to your mobile community. Customize the information including thumbnail images that are shown in each listing.

Role-Based Information

Assign different roles to specific types of members in your association to deliver the most relevant and personalized data to each person who signs into your app.


Add friendly competition among members of your mobile audience and drive repeat engagement in your app through lists of traditions or activities that must be completed.

Simple Pricing and Easy on Your Budget

Custom Branded Mobile App
$ 2
00 Per Student/Per Year
  • $500 minimum license fee per year
  • $399 one-time setup/implementation fee
  • Published within 30 days in both iOS & Android
  • Full Support (Email & Phone)

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