Make it your own experience!

Guide attendees at your next conference through a custom app and website.

Take the Attendee Experience at Your Event to the Next Level

Today’s conference attendees expect an event app and website to be available.  For event planners, it’s never been easier to meet this requirement with our event experience app.

Create the last event app you'll ever need

Conference Builder

Wizards walk you step-by-step through building your conference or event information. Enter venue information, itineraries, speaker biographies, downloadable materials, and more from within your web browser. Save even more time by uploading information contained in CSV files.

Custom-Branded App

Design the home screen for your app including images, logos, and colors to represent your conference.

Conference Website

Enter conference data one time and our system builds a custom native app and website, which can be used to advertise the conference and allow attendees to see conference information on larger screens (laptops) and download materials.

App Publishing Service

We have simplified the app publishing process for you. Simply enter the requested data in our system and publish it to the Apple App Store and Google Play from within our administrator console without having to interact with the stores individually.

Authentication & Registration

Our system uses your registration information (accessed via API integration or CSV upload) to streamline the login process for your attendees into your conference app or website by their individual credentials (e.g. email address).


Display your upcoming key dates and events in a native app format. Create your own calendar or import existing Google Calendars. Users tap and save specific dates to their personal calendars or conference itineraries.

Push Notifications

Notify attendees about the start of important events (keynotes, etc.) and other relevant announcements by sending push notifications from your administrator console.

Role-Based Information

Provide a personalized experience by showing your attendees the sessions and information that relate to them. Show any sensitive information only to the attendees who have the proper clearance (e.g. leadership committees vs standard attendees).

Do you manage conference and events for others?

Our event experience app is built for you!  Easily add your clients to the partner console and build out and manage the app and website your clients. 

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