Notifications deliver 5x more engagement than email

August 10, 2017
By MobileUp Software

Why Mobile?

Email marketing is a tried and tested way to engage an audience. Here at MobileUp we use email marketing to connect with prospects and clients. It is an important tool for us, but maybe its effectiveness is starting to show its age.

Looking at a variety of sources, we compare our email opens/clicks metrics against industry averages which we find are normally:

We multiply these two rates together to get an effective click through rate which measures “how many people took action?” and for us we benchmark against 0.7%. This means for every hundred emails we send, we should expect about one to click through to a campaign. Membership-based lists will likely see a slight better conversion rate, but it would be remarkable to find anything above 2%.

This past week we were looking at some of our newer reporting in our Administrator console and found an interesting metric: Notifications are 5x more effective than Email when it comes to click through traffic. One of our moderately-sized customers sees a 3.6% effective click through rate on Notifications – five times the effectiveness of email.

There are several reasons why Notifications are more effective than email.

Our clients are seeing great results with a custom mobile app to engage their audiences. Notifications are just another way to connect with your audience while they are on the go.