Analytics & Reporting

Data and analytics drives good decision making. Having tools that automatically collect data brings real productivity and insights to your organization.

MobileUp’s industry leading mobile engagement platform provides comprehensive and actionable insights online or while mobile. Rich data anytime from anywhere.

  • Automatically track participation without cards and readers
  • Make it easy to reward engagement
  • Easily compile and publish co-curricular transcripts
  • Track participation
Analytics and Reporting

How to use analytics & reporting

Make a Great Impression

Executive leadership and Boards are impressed when teams understand and can quickly produce reports of projects and campaigns. Never lack the data you need to make an great impression.

Dashboard Goes Mobile

Quickly check topline metrics for your application while on the go. When logged in as an administrator, you will be able to access top level metrics on your mobile device. Check downloads and activity.

Participation Analysis

It's one thing to know how many attended, but now you can also know who did as well. Aggregate your data by custom attributes so you have a more complete picture of who’s participating in what.


Rich data is very valuable, yet the ability to take action on that information is invaluable. Now you can retarget communications and engagement from any reporting result set.

Summarize With Ease

Your organization hosts lots of events and activities. You can now summarize activities and report the overview and the detail. Know who attended homecoming or sporting event and plan for next year.

Reward Others

Simplify the process of rewarding engagement from clubs to events to meetings. For some teams, that complete view of all activities makes generating that co-curricular transcript a snap.

Using Analytics & Reporting

Administrators visit the dashboard to track usage data on how students or members are using your app. Important information is readily available such as:

  • What content in your app is the most popular
  • What devices are used most often
  • From what location people are most often visiting your app
  • And much more!

Monitor analytics comparing days, weeks, months, or any date range. Quickly select from user data, application usage, location or device access information. Filter by day, week, month and all time.

Export reports to PDF or Microsoft Excel files for further analysis. Monitor useage while mobile from the administrator tile in your application.

Administrators view overview reports and analytics in the MobileUp dashboard

Member Activity Report

Easily drill down to member activity and get the full perspective on your app's usage.

Monitor organization membership and automatic check-ins — even by activity and category. Track conversation activity. Easily generate a complete Co-Curricular Transcript with clubs and service activity.

Review the activity around your geofences in the administrator tools of the MobileUp solution