Clubs, Chapters
& Organizations

Managing clubs, chapters, or organizations is critical to engagement but today's web solutions are not intuitive and accessible to the right people at the right time.

We primarily connect with others from our mobile devices and MobileUp makes it easy to create, manage and communicate messages, activities, and programs from anywhere.

  • Make a big campus feel smaller with clubs and student organizations
  • Help Alumni organize into local chapters and stay connected
  • An association's local chapters can manage their own calendars, messages, and other information
  • Administrators retain a global view and control of engagement
Clubs, Chapters, and Organizations

Managing Clubs, Chapters & Organizations with MobileUp

Easy to Join & Engage

Let users browse a list and with one click they can join or follow their interests. Having a low friction way to stay connected means members or interested parties can stay informed on the information and activities that interest them.

Relevant Notifications

Allow an organization's leadership to directly send notifications and post announcements to all members and followers right from the mobile app in seconds thus keeping all interested parties up to date and informed.

Build Connections

Allow members of clubs, chapters, and organizations to directly send messages to one another building a stronger community around common interests. Basic moderation is also included.

Centralize Content

Reduce maintenace of external websites and also pull in social content into a club, chapter or organization. Administrators can share the day-to-day maintenance of the group’s news and content.

Share A Calendar

Each organization can have its own calendar. Leadership teams can create simple events on their mobile devices and share with their groups. Members can even check in or register from their mobile devices as well.

Clubs Are Groups

More and more clients are using the organization concept for most any group of people with similar interests. On campus that can mean a residence hall or any campus office like Financial Aid can be configured as a club as well.

How it works

Clubs/Chapter Landing

From the application landing page, members can quickly access both a Directory of all or their joined groups with fast access to "Join/Leave."

Personalized branding can include images, text and other HTML content. Also include Membership information for the club.

Notifications include:

  • Group-specific Calendar
  • Pull in Twitter & Facebook feeds for specific groups
  • One touch access to group notifications, social, calendar and messages.
Clubs and chapter landing pages

Group Notifications

Notifications are a better way to connect with members than email.

A recent study found undergraduates ignore 71% of the email they receive from their school.

Don't let important messages get lost inside cluttered email inboxes. Instead, administrators of clubs, chapters, or organizations can send attention-grabbing notifications to their members.

Group notifications for clubs, chapters, and organizations

Group Calendar

Members can check the Group's calendar while mobile on their phone. Connect a Google Calendar and it can be maintained by group leadership directly in the app or on the web. Club administrators can create events while mobile.

Everyone can RSVP, check-in to a meeting, and view the attendee list — all from the mobile application.

Users simply click the "Add to Calendar" button for an event and it will get added to their mobile device's native calendar.

Group calendar for clubs, chapters, and organizations

Group Message Wall

Members of a club/chapter can quickly post messages and pictures that are visible to other members of the group.

Other members can interact with posts by clicking Reply. Messages of questionable content can be flagged and removed automatically.

Group message wall for clubs, chapters, and organizations

More facts about clubs, chapters & organizations

Getting Started
  • Unlimited clubs, chapters or organizations in one app.
  • Utilize location services.
  • Custom landing page for each organization.
  • Member to member communication.
  • Monitor club content
  • Leadership can set alerts and notifications
  • Social content aggregation
  • Organizations can be either public or private
  • Join, approve or pre-populate members or interested parties.
  • Easily create and manage events.
  • Members can RSVP to events from mobile.
  • Auto "check in" with location services.
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Comprehensive reporting showing participation and engagement at the organization level and drill down by member.