Location Services

Data drives strategy.

Apps on your phone can know where you are most anywhere on earth and also broadcast your arrival and departure to proximity sensors only a few feet away.

MobileUp builds location-aware apps for educational institutions and associations that leverage location services to increase engagement, automate manual operations, and keep administrators organized and engaged.

  • Take action when a person arrives at or leaves a location
  • Require a person to "dwell" at a location before action
  • Alumni and development officers want to optimize face time and take action on alumni behavior and Location
  • Services helps keep you focused on engagement
Location Services

How to use location services

Be More Welcoming

Use a geofence or beacon to automatically welcome alumni, new students, or any user, with a personal notification to their mobile phone. They won’t miss it nor will they forget you were so welcoming.

Timely Information

Geofences can provide timely information based on the arrival, dwell or departure of users from a particular location. Provide realtime traffic in the cafeteria alerting students when there’s a long wait.

Track Information

Completely automate event check-in whether you're measuring club attendance or who's at the game. Know when they arrived, who was there, how long they stayed — all without swiping a card or a line.

Campus Tours

Engage perspective students and parents during campus visits with Location Services. Use beacons and geofences to visit web pages, videos, unique content, and surveys while prospects tour the campus.

Measure Facility Traffic

Report the number of users that enter a specific building to measure usage. Reporting can provide actionable data from who, to how long each visit lasted. Use this data for future facility planning.

Partner for Discounts

Use a geofence or beacon to automatically welcome alumni, new students, or any user, with a personal notification to their mobile phone. They won't miss it nor will they forget you were so welcoming.

Creating Geofences

Creating a Geofence is simple and only takes a few quick minutes.

Give your geofence a name and then either build it using the map and drawing tool in the administration tools or use hardware beacons.

Sending Notifications

Logging or Notifications can be defined for only the first time or every time a person crosses a geofence. The administrator can also set a "dwell" parameter to make sure the member stays in a location for a minimum period of time.

Geofences can have a start and end date and time. And each geofence respects user roles for more specific targeting.

Measuring Traffic

The example screen from the MobileUp administrator tools is a geofence that could track student use of a building on a college campus. The geofence is for a 115 square meter area.

This geofence is set to log each time a user crosses its boundaries and remains there for at least ten minutes. An additional setting limits logging to only one time each day.

How to create a geofence in the administrator tools of the MobileUp soution

Location Analytics

Check the analytics for all of your enabled geofences from within the administrator tool.

Quickly see how many unique entries to your geofences. Click the Number of Unique Entries, and see the members by name that have entered the boundaries of a particular geofence.

Review the activity around your geofences in the administrator tools of the MobileUp solution

More facts about location services

General Info
  • Included in every application
  • Location Services support "dwell" setting to ensure your users are at an event for a certain amount of time.
  • Can be configured using dates and time to automate notifications and checkins.
  • Data is stored and can be reported through the Analytics tool.
  • Range of 100 square meters or larger
  • Entire campus, city, state
  • Physical locations or buildings
  • Citywide, stadium, or arena
  • Range from 5 to 100 square meters
  • Used for an indoor geofence
  • Individual rooms
  • Large indoor spaces