Getting your message through to your audience is harder now than ever. What was state of the art only a few years ago, is now neglected clutter that never gets read or motivates action.

MobileUp mobile solutions make it easier than ever to segment, target, and send messages that get noticed.

Keep messages relevant using member information, actions, and even trigger content based upon a someone’s location.

  • Send Notifications that get noticed
  • Make it easy for your audience to get engaged
  • Effectively convert interest to web traffic

How to use notifications & alerts

Get Around Clutter

Notifications on mobile are a great way to make sure your messages break through the clutter of your users’ information-heavy lives. Mobile applications keep your messages separated from all the other mail on users' devices.

Notify Within Context

Administrators can easily configure notifications to be sent when users arrive or depart from a particular location using Location Services. Notify users of special offers or just show them you’re going to stay relevant.

Capitalizing Moments

Using notifications makes it easier for your audience to quickly make the most of downtime while they're mobile. Since notifications are part of your application, a quick glance at the home screen and they’ll be up to date.

Increase Engagement

Notifications can be linked to a specific feature in your application so your members can simply go from their lock screen on their directly to relevant content and information. Meaningful notifications increase app usage.

Individual Metrics

Know precisely who receive notifications and which members clicked through to a feature in your app. Monitor application usage and the effectiveness of Notifications at driving installs and engagement in your mobile app.

Segment By User

Your mobile app is specifically designed to show the content that’s most relevant to your users. This capability is extended to Notifications, allowing you to narrowly target messages to members based on most any criterion you can imagine.

Using Notifications

Creating a notification is simple and only takes a few quick minutes.

Write your message up to 235 characters, select the target audiences, and schedule it.

Whether you are planning an event near home or across the country, you can target those users too if your user data includes an address or postal code.

More than getting their attention, you can also quickly get users directly to the content they want.

Set the "open this feature" option to direct someone to the applicable content in your application when he or she taps on a notification.

How to create notifications in the administrator tools of the MobileUp soution

Notification Analytics

Check your Notification History to see analytics for each of your historical messages.

See how many users received the message and how many opened the application directly from the message. Click on the App Opens metric and see which authenticated users clicked on that link.

Review the activity around your notifications in the administrator tools of the MobileUp solution