Privacy Policy

Client Admin Tool Website Usage

The MobileUp administrative website is available for any client assigned administrators. The site asks for Name and Email address to be used for purposes of authentication and auditing. No other personal information is gathered. The site uses cookies to maintain session from page to page to know who the admin is and what rights they have. The only information stored in the cookies are encrypted authorization tokens.

End User Data and Mobile App Usage

Every MobileUp application is free for App Store download and contains an anonymous persona to allow the public to experience an established portion of the app’s functionality. Upon initial app launch, a "Unique Id" is generated and stored in MobileUp’s database for purposes of remembering preferences and roles. No other personal information is known or stored.

Each client has the ability to provide a login or registration process for their constituencies, thereby unlocking additional functionality based on the credentials of the constituent. In this use case, MobileUp ties the Unique Id the constituent record, which may have Personally Identifiable Information (PII), as defined by the client. That PII is not stored on the mobile device, however, only the Unique Id is.

For purposes of Push Notifications and overall enhanced engagement, MobileUp stores the latest geo location of each device where the user opted-in. The geo-location is only updated through the mobile devices "significant change" event, leading to lower battery usage and general accuracy. At any time, a user can turn this off.

Client Content Mobile App Usage

MobileUp applications provide the ability for clients to render their existing content into the app. Examples include social feeds, calendars, news feeds, etc. When such functionality is used, MobileUp does not scrape or store any of the content rendered. The content is passed directly from the source to the End User.