365 Engagement for Associations

Reach your membership. Increase your engagement!

365 Engagement for Associations

Improve your association's communications and engagement with a custom-branded app!

Your members will find the convenience of an app-based connection to your association to be more interactive and useful than other communication methods all year long.

Pricing (Annual)
Records 1 365 Engagement
0 to 300 $1,750
301 to 1,000 $2,500
1,001 to 2,500 $3,000
2,501 to 5,000 $3,500
5,001 to 10,000 $4,000
More than 10,000 Contact Us 2

1 Refers to the total number of individual members we will manage in our system.

2 Send us an email or call 913-232-8099 ext 201.

3 See also optional add-on pricing for Conferences or Groups.

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Custom apps for associations

Stop wasting time on messages that go unanswered

Rise above cluttered mailboxes with your own custom app! Get higher response rates through push notifications and interactive native mobile content that doesn't take any longer to deliver than the emails, direct mail, and other communications you are using now.

Key Features


Optional add-on mobile functionality expands your engagement capablities

Bolster your 365 mobile engagement strategy with a special app section on your chapters and committees and another on your conference(s). One app delivers it all!

Custom apps for associations
Reporting for associations
Custom apps for associations

Collect better data. Make better decisions!

Learn more about what your members want! Reporting and analytics built into our platform give association leaders real-time views on member participation on local and national levels and the data they need to plan future engagement strategies.

Custom apps for associations

Show you understand how your members communicate

Everyone carries a smartphone these days. Savvy associations know an app is an effective tool to inform and engage members. Our onboarding and client services team can get you up and running fast regardless the AMS or database you use!



Improve engagement and participation rates quickly

Our clients who spend just a few hours a week managing their apps see as much as a 5x (or more) increase in your response rates within a few months. Ask one of our app experts how!

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Custom apps for associations
Powerful Platform

Backed by a Powerful Platform

Our team has been building apps since the stores opened. Our combined experience is available to you through an easy-to-use mobile delivery platform that slashes development and maintenance costs.