365 Engagement for High Schools

Simplify and elevate communications with one affordable and manageable custom app.

365 Engagement for High Schools

Let us help with your parent and student engagement success with our custom-branded app.

In addition to the engaging app experience, the administrative dashboard provides easy configuration and management tools to push relevant content — news, calendar updates, schedule changes, grades, volunteer opportunities, events, etc. — to your parents and students in seconds on their phones.

Pricing (Annual)
Students 365 Engagement
0 to 500 $1,000
501 to 1,000 $1,500
More than 1,000 $2,000

See also optional add-on pricing for Groups.

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Increase parents' participation in activities, committees, and PTOs

Your app provides parents a one-stop place to find the most current calendars, news, and announcements instead of visiting multiple websites and email accounts. Directories and special add-on app sections dedicated to PTOs, booster clubs, and committees also help parents connect.

Custom apps for high schools

Help students succeed with content they need

Put daily school routines such as calendars and announcements right on students' phones. Beyond the essentials, connect students to community peer groups, clubs or teams. Even introduce school traditions and connect students to alumni mentors in the app.

Key Features

Custom apps for high schools

Make sure your information and messages are seen

Members of your school community rely on phones as their primary communication methods. An app is a perfect complement to your school website and emails, which parents and students don't always see on a regular basis.


Not just for students & parents: Include your faculty and staff in the same app

Our “persona” architecture enables a single app to display unique content for specific sets of people. For instance, a “Faculty” role provides your staff the ability to receive push notifications, calendar and event information, issue reporting, sign-up opportunities, discussion boards, and more targeted just for them.


No technical experience required

Our platform handles all the heavy lifting (coding, app store submissions, maintenance, etc.). You focus on delivering engaging content through the web- and app-based tools we provide. We even include a dedicated client services rep to help you at any time. See for yourself!

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Custom apps for high schools
Powerful Platform

Backed by a Powerful Platform

Our team has been building apps since the stores opened. Our combined experience is available to you through an easy-to-use mobile delivery platform that slashes development and maintenance costs.