Student Engagement 365

Drive up participation and retention rates on your college campus.

Student Engagement 365

We empower student success professionals in higher education institutions to connect students with campus activities, conversations, traditions, and clubs through a cost-effective custom-branded app.

Pricing (Annual)
Undergraduates 365 Engagement
0 to 300 $1,750
301 to 1,000 $2,500
1,001 to 2,500 $3,000
2,501 to 5,000 $3,500
5,001 to 10,000 $4,000
More than 10,000 Contact Us 1

1 Send us an email or call 913-232-8099 ext 201.

2 See also optional add-on pricing for Conferences or Groups.

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Custom apps for higher education

Connect and communicate the same way your students do

To effectively reach, engage and retain today's students, you must have a mobile communication strategy. An app is a perfect complement to your other outreach efforts (websites, emails, posters, video boards, etc.) that ensures your information is relevant and noticed.

Key Features

Custom apps for student engagement at higher education institutions

Generate participation through school activities and traditions

Identify activities, events or school traditions and then gamify with completion points and reward students while building stronger school affinity. All activities can be mapped on or around campus and can “check in” students. Activities can also leverage geo-fencing and beacon technology. An administrative dashboard provides participation data on students.


Increase student participation in clubs and groups

Help students connect on campus! With our Group Management feature, students browse a list of clubs, residence halls, campus offices, etc., and “join” or “follow” with a tap. The app then automatically provides students with a live feed of information, photos, polls, discussions, events, and more from the groups that interest them.

Custom apps for higher education

Your app can also manage conferences and events

Events such as orientations, graduations, Parents Weekend, and career fairs add additional value to your 365 engagement app. These events, whether they are single or multiple days, can be added to your app at any time. Not only is this convenient for your students, it also saves time and money on printing costs.

Conferences & Events


Make a cost-effective investment for all-year engagement

Our clients who spend just a few hours a week managing their apps see as much as a 5x (or more) increase in your response rates within a few weeks. We handle all the technical details and even dedicate a client services rep to assist you at any time.

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Custom apps for student engagement in higher education
Powerful Platform

Backed by a Powerful Platform

Our team has been building apps since the stores opened. Our combined experience is available to you through an easy-to-use mobile delivery platform that slashes development and maintenance costs.