365 Engagement for Organizations

Bring your organization together with a custom-branded app.

365 Engagement for Organizations

We have mobile solutions for organizations of all types: Cause-based, non-profits, societies, skilled trade groups, booster clubs, churches and houses of worship, and even groups of like-minded hobbyists or enthusiasts.

Our custom-branded apps centralize your communications, payments, and other activities into a cost-effective and custom-branded presence on the phones of your members, employees, donors, volunteers, etc.

Pricing (Annual)
Records 1 365 Engagement
0 to 300 $1,750
301 to 1,000 $2,500
1,001 to 2,500 $3,000
2,501 to 5,000 $3,500
5,001 to 10,000 $4,000
More than 10,000 Contact Us 2

1 Refers to the total number of individual members we will manage in our system.

2 Send us an email or call 913-232-8099 ext 201.

3 See also optional add-on pricing for Conferences or Groups.

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Custom apps for organizations

Stop managing multiple communications

It can be time-consuming to manage your organization through a variety of third-party chat tools, payment services, social media networks, and website tools. Slash your management time and save your sanity by putting all your information into your own custom-branded app.

Key Features


Empower your organization to connect and engage more effectively

Our Group Management feature creates a special section of your app that puts your organization's committees and other groups into a lively feed of news, polls, photos, and more. Individuals within your organization can find, join, and follow the groups that interest them. Have a conference or event? Put that in your app too. One app delivers it all!

Custom apps for organizations

Show you understand how your members communicate

Organizations depend on member involvement. Make it easy and convenient for your members to stay informed by gaining highly visible real estate on the home screens of your members' phones with your own app.


Improve engagement and participation rates quickly

Our clients who spend just a few hours a week managing their apps see as much as a 5x (or more) increase in your response rates within a few weeks. Ask one of our app experts how!

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Custom apps for organizations
Powerful Platform

Backed by a Powerful Platform

Our team has been building apps since the stores opened. Our combined experience is available to you through an easy-to-use mobile delivery platform that slashes development and maintenance costs.