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Today people are more likely to own a mobile phone than a computer.

That means if your engagement strategy only relies on direct mail and email, you're missing out on the new and effective ways an app can engage your alumni.

Connect with alumni anywhere

Cut program costs and strengthen relationships!

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Role-Based Content

Make some content public for all users. Reserve special information and features that can only be viewed by specific members (letterwinners, active donors, etc.)

Global & Local

Engage your alumni worldwide or regionally. Chapters have their own section in your app and can be managed by local chapter leaders if desired.

Locations & Notifications

Use location services to automatically track participation. Create, schedule, and distribute hard-to-ignore notifications to targeted users.

Centralize Data

Bring in content from your websites, social media, and other feeds to enable your members to access all your information and promotions from one app.

Data to Drive Decisions

Administrators have a feature-rich analytics dashboard that provides both detailed and summary usage metrics on your app and its users.

Mobile Made Easy

We work with you to build a customizable mobile app your members download from Google Play or Apple App Store. We also handle all updates for you.

Deliver higher alumni engagement!

Membership Management

Our solution automates many time-consuming tasks and provides data you likely could not collect before. We leave you free to focus on engaging and retaining your membership.

Digital membership cards store member data, membership levels, and expiration dates.
Automate attendance tracking at events on campus and local chapters.
Offer discounts at restaurants and retailers wherever members live or travel.
Enable members to manage their own information and memberships.
Accept gifts to support your institution and/or association.
Empower local chapters with their own calendars, message boards, and membership.

And much more! Request a demo to see how we can help engage your alumni.

Conferences & Meetings

Manage your membership and organize your next conference or meeting with the same app.

Reduce printing costs! Members view event schedules, speaker presentations, venue maps, and other information in the app.
Update information at any time. Last minute changes are no longer an issue!
Members customize their experience by adding events directly to their itinerary and calendar.
Use location services to automatically check in and send notifications to attendees when they arrive.
Create custom forms to survey attendees after sessions and events in real-time.

Learn more in a demo.


Connect your membership with new graduates and each other for business networking through your app.

Members self-register to be a mentor in your app using your forms and rules.
Mentors decide how much personal contact information (phone number, email, etc.) to share.
Mentors access specialized content in the app including a directory, informational pages from your existing website, calendars of networking and mentorship events, and more.
New graduates can also access the mentor section for networking and career opportunities.
Involve your school's career center. For example, invite mentors/mentees to a career fair in the app and use location services to automatically welcome attendees, track attendance, and guide people to special events within the fair.

Request a demo and learn more about MobileUp and mentor programs.


Enhance communications with your app and make the most of one of the biggest days of the year.

Use a calendar and notifications to educate members about key events on campus.
Automatically deliver welcome messages and directions to alumni events based on location.
Automate attendance tracking at various (even simutaneous) events from a stadium to a single room in your alumni headquarters.
Trigger instant discount notification when members walk by local partner restaurants or retailers.
Monitor participation at your local chapters' watch parties throughout the country.

Take homecoming to a new level! Request a demo and learn how.


Elevate engagement with your mobile solution by providing association chapters their own section of your app.

Connect local chapters directly with members in their area for focused communications about area news and events.
Delegate administration of content to the leaderships of each chapter if desired.
Each chapter sections includes its own directory, social feed aggregator, message wall, and notifications.
A chapter can use its own Google calendar to automatically populate its section's events and activities calendar. In addition, chapter administrators can schedule events and activities through their mobile device.
Members and administrators can view attendee lists for events and activities. Administrators can see who has checked in once events and activities start.

Learn how to engage local members with communication from their chapter. Request a demo or view our clubs, chapters, and organizations page for more information.

MobileUp's alumni app for Florida State University
MobileUp's alumni app for Iowa State University

Join us and be in good company!

The team at MobileUp has shipped hundreds of mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Below are some of the academic institutions who use MobileUp to manage their alumni relations through mobile. Learn more about what our customers do with our solutions.

Some of the alumni associations that use MobileUp solutions
Some of the alumni associations that use MobileUp solutions

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