Engage your students with an affordable, custom mobile solution


Increase connections and retention while generating actionable data

Communicating through the power of mobile technology is a must to effectively reach, engage and retain today's students.

Our mobile solutions for student engagement can help! Affordable and custom-branded to your institution, you can be successful with just a few hours a week of work.

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Key features

Increase engagement and retention with mobile

Stay Connected

We work with you to build a customizable mobile app your students download from Google Play or the Apple App Store. You then use our administration tools to engage students with messages all year long.

Grab Attention

Create, schedule, and send notifications to targeted groups of students.

Campus Usage

Use location services to automate check-ins and understand where the most frequented buildings and rooms are on campus.

Centralize Information Access

Bring in content from your websites, social media, and other feeds to enable your students to access all your information and promotions from one app.

Data Drives Decisions

Administrators have a feature-rich analytics dashboard that provides both detailed and summary usage metrics on your app and students.

Clubs & Organizations

Enable student clubs and organizations to have their own sections of the app, even let them manage the content if desired.

One App. Unlimited Experiences.

Keep students engaged all year long

Your app is completely customizable in appearance and in its ability to deliver timely information about your programs and events to specific groups of students based on their interests.


Connect students and parents with the resources that prepare them for their first day(s) on campus.

Your app is designed to be fun and interactive. It's a native app; students will understand how to tap and swipe to navigate its content right away.
Students (and parents) feel informed and connected to admissions throughout the process.
The app features an orientation checklist, calendar, maps, and other relevant online resources.
App administrators monitor progress and issue notifications that can be triggered by user activity, location, or schedule.
Administrators can also automate check-ins and view reports on which activities were visited most often and for how long.

Orientation is one of the most important times for a student. Request a demo to see how we can make it a success for them and you!

First Year Experience

Help students transition to college life and enhance their sense of belonging and to the campus community.

Share critical campus resources in one easily accessible location.
Peer mentors can start group chats with their first-year and transfer mentees.
Keep first year students connected to campus with a calendar of events and activities.
Provide resources to residence life directors and leaders to engage with their students.
Identify students who are not engaging in campus activities through auto-generated reports.

Ensure all students start their college years with a positive experience. Request a demo to learn more.


Introduce and involve students in the experiences that lead to long-term love for your school with our mobile student solution.

Students who complete traditions are more connected and more likely to be active alumni of your institution.
Your app complements or, in most cases, replaces printed traditions books.
The app connects students to a traditions checklist (events around athletics, places to visit on campus, activities connected to the history of your school, etc.,), conversations, photos, and wall posts by other students.
Automatically send notifications to students based on their accomplishments in the app, their location, or a calendar.
Monitor students' progress in the app. Even establish levels based on accomplishments and see which students reach the goals and when.

Enrich students' time on campus by immersing them in your special traditions. Request a demo and learn how we can help you meet this goal.

Co-Curricular Activities

Automate the construction of reports that show each student's participation in events and organizations outside the classroom.

Traditionally difficult data to collect, co-curricular reports are automated through MobileUp mobile solutions.
Your app uses geofences, beacons, and location services to build a history of check-ins.
The app also uses the clubs, chapters, and organizations feature to record the joining of a campus club, volunteering on campus and contributions to app conversations.
Enables your office to be proactive in identifying students who are not engaged with campus activities.

Co-curricular reports can be instrumental in increasing your sudent retention rates. Request a demo to learn more.

Clubs and Organizations

Elevate engagement with your mobile solution by providing campus clubs and organizations their own section of your app.

Connect campus offices and student organizations directly with students.
Delegate administration of content to the leaderships of each club or organization if desired.
Each club or organization section includes its own directory, social feed aggregator, message wall, and notifications.
A club or organization can use its own Google calendar to automatically populate their section's events and activities calendar. In addition, club administrators can schedule events and activities through their mobile device.
Members and administrators can view attendee lists for events and activities. Administrators can see who has checked in once events and activities start.

Learn more about clubs and organizations. Request a demo or view our clubs, chapters, and organizations page for more information.

Join us and be in good company!

We have built hundreds of iOS and Android apps for academic institutions like these who use MobileUp to manage their student engagement and retention strategies.

Some of the schools that use MobileUp solutions for student engagement More examples of schools that use MobileUp solutions for student engagement More examples of schools that use MobileUp solutions for student engagement More examples of schools that use MobileUp solutions for student engagement
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