Define Your Mobile Strategy

There are more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide according to recent research.

Other studies suggest the average U.S. consumer, including many of the students on your campus or members in your association, spends five hours a day on their phones.

The question is no longer if your student affairs, alumni group, or association needs an app and a strategy to engage its constituents on their mobile devices.

It's when and how.

Let MobileUp Help You!

We build custom iPhone and Android apps for schools and associations like yours.

More than just presenting data, our solutions are built to engage students and members in activities of interest to them. We collect data from every user's engagement and present it to you to help your decision making.

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Mobile Made Easier

Today's mobile user is a lot more savvy than even the ones from a few years ago.

Many college students literally grew up with the devices in their hands. And as experience with apps and content deepens, the expectation of the user as to what makes enagaging content has risen as well.

Rely on MobileUp Software

We understand the challenges you face in engaging your mobile users.

Our long history with developing native mobile solutions combined with our world class customer support team ensures you deliver timely content without adding to your already heavy workload.

Our goal is to help you drive engagement, evaluate your results, and reach your retention and participation goals.

Engagement plus Reports & Analytics

Good data drives great strategy.

Unlike the native apps we build, websites (even responsive ones) can't take full advantage of a device's camera, notifications, and geofence features like our solutions.

Speaking of, no one takes the capabilities of location services to the level MobileUp can.

We automate many tasks (e.g. check-ins) and give you a complete picture of engagement and participation from a meeting in a single room to numerous simultaneous events across an entire campus. Set it up once and watch the results come in.

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