Apps for K-8 and High Schools

It can be difficult to keep busy students and parents informed about your school's many activities.

If your website and emails are losing their effectiveness, an official school app is just the thing you need to bridge communication gaps and generate the parent and student engagement your school deserves.

Custom. Affordable. Effective.

We have apps that address the needs of K-8 schools and high schools. Learn how we can help you get your school's information onto your parents' and students' smartphones — exactly where their attention is several times each day.

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Apps for K-8 Schools. The perfect tool for engaging your students' busy parents.
Apps for High Schools. Reach and engage students, parents, and alumni.

Improve your communications. Drive more engagement!

The team at MobileUp has shipped hundreds of apps for both iOS and Android users. Below are some of schools that use our K-8 and high school apps to keep their school communities informed and increase participation in activities.

Some of the K-12 schools that use MobileUp solutions
Some of the K-12 schools that use MobileUp solutions

Learn how we can help your K-8 or high school!

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