Everything you need to know about CCO

Learn how to use our Clubs, Chapters, and Organizations (“CCO”) module through this series of short videos. Please reach out to us with any questions or issues in implementing these features in your app.

Introduction to Clubs, Chapters, and Organizations
CCO: Introduction

The CCO module enables small groups to engage and manage group members in your app.

CCO Settings
CCO: Settings

Customize CCO settings including the subgroup name, description, picture and social streams.

CCO Announcements
CCO: Announcements

Create and send new announcements and notifications that only your subgroup receives.

CCO Event Calendar
CCO: Event Calendar

If a Google calendar is not an option, create events manually on your subgroup’s calendar by completing a short form.

CCO Payment Form
CCO: Payment Form

Leverage existing forms on your website to collect payments from your members directly in your app.

CCO Discussion Board
CCO: Discussion Board

Encourage interaction among your group’s members with a threaded discussion board.

CCO Directory
CCO: Directory

Provide a convenient listing of your subgroup’s members complete with optional contact information.

CCO Social Stream
CCO: Social Stream

Aggregate your social media posts into a single stream within your subgroup’s app section.

CCO Google Calendar Integration
CCO: Google Calendar Integration

Easily populate your subgroup’s Events section with an existing Google calendar.