Sweet Water Schools

Welcome Sweetwater Union High School District

This page will provide you an overview of the mobile solution we are licensed to provide to all the Sweetwater schools. We have a master agreement with the District to provide each school their own branded app. Below you will find additional information if you wish to pursue this opportunity for your school.

Fully  custom branded app with targeted content to meet the needs of your staff, parents and even students.  You choose what content you want and who you wish to see it.  All configurable through the ‘no-code’ admin console.

Engage Parents, Faculty and Students with your own School Mobile App

Put daily school routines such as calendars and announcements right on the phone with a school mobile app. Provide parents, staff and event students all the school information they need in a place they can retrieve it anytime, anywhere.

How Can You Use a Mobile App on Your School?

SIS Integration

Allow parents to access information about their children's classes and grades conveniently within the mobile app.

Campus News Feed & Events

Aggregate all school news and key updates within the app to keep everyone informed at all times.


Create any number of directories within the app. These can be parents, staff, school sponsors, and any other listing

Groups & Classrooms

Sort classrooms into groups within the app, where teachers can post content and updates for parents and students alike.


Allow parents and teachers to quickly communicate with one another directly within the campus app.


Provide parents, faculty and students with an easily accessible list of important dates and upcoming events at the school.


Send out timely communications and information to all or a subgroup of parents.


Build your own surveys and polls and get instant reactions from your parents on key issues.

Resource Library

Curate and share important documents thatparents or students need in an easily accessible library.

We Make Life Easy for School Administrators

At MobileUp, we ensure that managing your school mobile app will always be easy, thanks to our simple, intuitive adminstrative dashboard. Adding or removing content, and sending notifications to any group of people is a breeze.

Why Work With MobileUp?

Increase Parent Participation

Use your school mobile app to drive greater parent engagement in activities, committees, and PTOs. MobileUp school mobile apps help parents build relationships with the school and one another, and provide them with the resources they need to help their children succeed. Engaging parents becomes much easier when they have access to the school in the palm of their hand.

Help Students Succeed at School

The mobile app can be used to set up small private groups to allow for greater communication and conversation. Whether the groups are athletic groups for coaches to communicate with team and parents, parent committees, or event teacher groups enabling teachers to post news and activities going on in their classroom, groups can present a great tool for all school constituents.

How to proceed with exploring this opportunity for your school.

This notification is a reminder to all that the Mobile Up software is available to you.  The Mobile Up Application provides an effective mobile application communication solution for parents, students and staff. The smartphone application acts as an “aggregation tool”, displaying selected data/information from the school’s ( or district’s) website (such as calendars and events). Selected information (to be displayed via Mobile Up) can be customized, by each school site, allowing each school to present their unique brand to their parents/students (and staff). The application runs on both android and iOS platforms. In addition, Mobile Up has their own help desk to assist with application issues and setup. The annual cost per school is $2,000. However, since we have 8 schools and the district office participating, the cost for additional schools is $1,800 per year.  This fee includes all implementation, support and hosting costs.
Each new school will initiate the PO for this software service purchase.Once your PO has been approved, the School will need to contact Mobile Up Software and provide the PO number and the school’s contact information, generally the AP of Technology.  (You can email Mr. DeBacco or call him at 913-232-8099 extension 102.)Invoice for the Mobile Up application will be billed directly to the school, with the appropriate discounts.
Sweetwater High School District Information:

District Office Contact Information:

David Delacalzada, Director Information Technology

Phone: 615.585.7961

Email: david.delacalzada@sweetwaterschools.org

MobileUp Contact Information: 


sales@mobileupsoftware.comIf you need a quote or pro forma invoice to submit through the purchasing system, contact us and we will get this to you quickly.


clientsuccess@mobileupsoftware.com:  This will connect you with your account manager that can assist in answering questions about your app, training needs or just some ideas about marketing your app.


support@mobileupsoftware.com:  This will connect you directly with our technical support organization to assist you with any questions or issues you might be having with your app.